Sarah Stapleton

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The joy of living better is a simple yet sometimes inaccessible idea that materializes differently for each of us. It's a journey filled with uncertainty, excitement, pitfalls and discoveries that, with a bit of luck, allows us to find our happy place.

Sarah is a real estate broker with a singular background and vision that merges empathy, rigor and proactivity to shape a more humane real estate industry. She is also a seasoned Montrealer whose passion for her city, its neighborhoods and lifestyles is matched only by the diversity of her network.
From her years of academic coaching at HEC to her numerous business development milestones in the pharma sector, she performs with compassion and intention. Whether your dream project is big or small, Sarah’s process aims to lighten the mental load of the transaction. She helps clients from Montreal and abroad understand the city as a palatable playground filled with actionable and exciting possibilities.




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